I’m a Sydney Dominatrix with My own world-class BDSM studio warehouse.


I’ve over 18 years experience in professional BDSM, with a decade spent as an independent Pro Domme.


I’m also an internationally recognized kink educator and performer.


As seen on ABC TV's "You Can't Ask That..." and "Growing Up Gracefully" and heard on Triple J's "The Hook Up".

Awarded "Best for Fetish and Fantasy" by the Australian Adult Industry Awards


Contact Me by phone on:

Aus: 0420 879 204

OS: +61 420 879 204


Tokyo, the Pro Domme:

Mistress Tokyo by Soul Focus Studio 2011

I’m an intelligent, articulate Dominatrix in Sydney, Australia. I’ve over 18 years experience in professional and private BDSM and enjoy light to heavy play in most areas.

I conduct sessions in My well-equipped private studio, close to the Sydney CBD.

I specialize in all forms of bondage, most particularly Japanese Shibari rope bondage. I ADORE heavily fetishistic scenes involving latex and leather.

I am also a total sadist! I relish anal playCBT, NT, WS, slave training, medical procedures, torture, spanking, corporal punishment, caning, martial arts scenes, takedown, extended scenes and BS.

Although I’ve accrued diverse interests in My professional career, I'd describe Myself as a highly fetishistic bondage Top with a strong sadistic streak who enjoys intense and invasive scenes.

I pride Myself on being highly creative and original, and I'm often told I still keep My regular slaves guessing - even after years of seeing each other!

My session style is personal, intuitive and intense. The style of scene I enjoy are those where the environment we create is conducive to U/us pushing O/our boundaries to reach the heights of mental, physical and erotic stimulation.

I've tremendous faith in the activities of BDSM as an end in themselves; in their transformative potential through intense experience - whatever the scene - to emotional catharsis. This is what I shoot for in every session, whether light or very heavy.

On the cover of European mag Massad, 2013

As both a professional and private player, I’m proud of My skills and abilities that I've finessed over the years of My career, explored in all My different sessions with different players in different dungeons.

As a lifestyle player I find Myself most intuitive, most focused and most transformed when absorbed by a scene. This is My highest experience of BDSM. In this vein I find the activities an end in themselves, whether it be a complex extended scene or the simple pleasure of a favourite fetish object.

In complement, I’m passionate about freedom of human expression. My desire as an player is to encourage others to greater freedom, as I find My explorations into BDSM and Fetish one of My highest forms of personal expression.

Regardless of whether the play is sensual or strict, whether the scene is hard or playful - your pleasure is the reward for satisfying My desire, whatever that may entail!

I'll look forward to hearing from you soon about O/our session and hope you enjoy the rest of My site!

Mistress Tokyo by Soul Focus Studio 2008
I'm much more than a Pro Domme!:

To date, I’ve featured or had photography published in a variety of fetish magazines such as “Domination Directory International” (US, EU), “Skin Two” (UK), Peter Czernich’s “Heavy Rubber” (Germany, EU) and "Massad" (Netherlands). 

I make My own couture and latex gear to realize My own fantasies and also for use in My studio. Through this, My sexuality and creativity dovetail to take My personal expression of My fetishism to new levels...

In addition to being a Pro Domme, I’m a BDSM educator. I conduct workshops on a variety of topics for different groups in Australia and recently East Coast USA. Over the last five years I’ve presented on topics such as Electrical Torture, Heavy Sensory Deprivation, Caning, BDSM 101, Latex Play, CBT, Takedown Bondage, et al.

I also perform kink shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth at events such as Oz Kink FestivalSydney Hellfire ClubPerth Fetish BallUberPussy Cat Club and the Velvet Hammer.

I was awarded "Sydney Ms Leather" in 2012 and competed at "International Ms Leather" 2012 in San Francisco, USA.

Led by My own passion, as a Mistress I’ve come to specialize in heavy bondage sessions with a strong focus on rope and suspension. I’ve attended Shibari workshops and trained privately with the world’s best artists, including Osada Steve, Satomi the Tokyo Love Doll, Kinoko Hajime, Arisue Go, Esinem, Otonawa, Lew Reubens, Lee Harrington, Dasniya Sommer and Midori.

Before it closed, I regularly featured on www.bootlovers.com.

One of My most intense fetishes is for boots, so it was very exciting to shoot photo sets and fetish videos to share My ever-growing collection of vintage and unique boots!

Historically, I contributed to Tony Mitchell’s UK-based web magazine www.thefetishistas.com.

Tony asked Me to focus My articles on the Australian scene and those things within it of note. It’s been My honour to work with a publisher with such a long history who holds such stature in the worldwide fetish scene.

Yes, I'm super busy - and loving it!