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I’m also an internationally recognized kink educator and performer.


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"Mistress, I've never see anyone do that like that before..."

"Neither have I, slave. Neither have I..."


The testimonials below are from those who've reaped the benefit of My "creativity" under My boots, slaves at My heels!

Letters have been edited solely for breivty, not for content.

Just wanted to say wow what an incredibly intense session that was!! You certainly put me through the ringer lol.
We discussed beforehand about the session being 3 1/2hrs of pure latex strapon fucking with a fist thrown in for good measure.

The stages putting on the latex from head to toe which hugs every part of your body was extremely erotic. The end result in the mirror is hard to describe.

I wanted my strapon limits pushed and you didn’t disappoint.

I was hoisted up and suspended in your sling which was a first for me. I must say that sling looked and felt amazing with you really getting in deep with a large strapon to start with. I still go instantly hard thinking about how close we were as you thrusted every inch of your cock inside me. Watching myself in the mirror being fucked by a mega boobed latex Adonis was smoking. At one point you made me lift myself up and down using the straps on to your strapon, as well as arching my body back to feel the full force of your relentless pounding.

Then it was on to the sling and I could only take 4 fingers and sadly not your fist...yet lol

You then produced a strapon that actually made me go WTF...a life size version of a horses cock that was massive. It was incredibly hot watching you standing there in the mirror showing off what was about to break my arse. Then without delay you broke my arse and fucked my brains.


Dear Mistress,
I've gotta keep saying it - Wow! Fucking wow!
The way you started the session was sensational and it just got better from there. 
The almost sensual way you kicked things off leading in to the early nipple play was just perfect. It pushed my boundaries just as it should have and as you looked into my eyes to enjoy my suffering - well you saw the reaction. It's such a shame there are no photos of that. 
Then the slow layering of materials as I floated in and out of subspace for such a long time. It was so blissful and so relaxing as you increased the bondage prior to lift off - although that posture collar was difficult. It would be better as a last minute addition. 
Actually - when I think about it, it might have worked well for me to be wearing a gas mask during that set up period, thereby keeping my face off the bench. Maybe the last thing would be good to remove the mask, if necessary and fit the posture collar before take-off. 
The key thing, I guess, was the mixture of total restriction but comfort at the same time. There were no pressure points when I was suspended and the only thing I would change there (due to the limitations on my 60 year old body) would be to lower my arms just a little. 
The nipple torture when I was up there, the anal stuff - everything was totally sublime. 
I would so like to do that sort of scene as a photo shoot. 
Thank you yet again.

Hi Mistress Tokyo,
Wanted to thank you for the exciting session last Friday. You made the whole experience comfortable & pleasurable. Putting the nervousness at ease.
I enjoyed the milker a lot and would do it again when i visit next. Going for a higher setting the next time.
Perhaps we can try out the fantasies we talked about.
Thank you once again.
Can't wait for the next experience with you.
Best Regards


Dear Mistress,
Just when I don't think a session can get any better, you prove me wrong. Thank you so much for providing me with such an amazing experience as you did, yesterday. You had me so far off in sub space that I was feeling no pain - or no pain that didn't feel like bliss at the time. The effect on my brain was simply astonishing. Where do I start?
The white latex - Oh my. Loved it. So very different from your normal look and you had me from the moment I walked through the door.
My catsuit - You already know how it affects me at the best of times but the effort you went to to ensure it was fitted correctly was really appreciated. When it really fits in against every part of the body, especially in around the crotch and butt, the experience is enhanced so much more.
The corset/body brace - very comfortable as it pulled my torso into shape. Loved it.
Even the posture collar, which I don't usually like, seemed to fit perfectly and the Hannibal Lecter mask just enhanced the look and the feel. It's a shame the nose pouch is not just a little bigger - although it is still a great mask  but probably for a shorter period.
The straight jacket - so comfortable yet so very restrictive. As you tightened every strap I drifted further into space and when the crotch strap was secured - oh my. The session nearly came to an early conclusion right then. To be able to move around when dressed and secured like that was stimulating nearly every part of my body - bondage doesn't get much better than that - in fact it doesn't get ANY better than that.
Your dialogue, the leading of my bound and helpless body through to your medical surgery - things don't come much hotter.
The mummification and the hospital restraints - pure heaven.
Your special method of rehydrating me couldn't have been nicer - just fast enough for me to be able to take it all in and savor the taste while being given no option of rejecting it. Fantastic!
Your new electric anal plug - it felt so fantastic as it entered and I'm glad you finally found a way for it to be held in. A harness or rope to hold it in more firmly would be the only way to make that feeling any better. The level of power could have been increased as I sunk further into sub space. Towards the end, it was barely registering, which is a shame because it was such a wonderful feeling.
While your milking machine is an awesome item, there is simply something about it that is not having the desired effect. I'm not sure why that is but you certainly took care of that by other means.
The nipple play - the only way that could have been better would have been to have electricity applied. I'm afraid my nipples are getting so tough and insensitive now that it is difficult to get the level of sensation I yearn for, especially when I an way off in space. Even those elastorator rings had little effect - even after I had finished.


Dear Mistress Tokyo,

I feel i must write to thank you for a truly Awe inspiring session yesterday. 

I Don't really know How or where to begin thanking you!!!

I must say that i think the whole thing started even in your early communication and openess through email and over the phone. 

I really enjoyed the whole scene and role play scenario that you had prepared for me upon my arrival. Thank you for paying close attention to my list of likes and wants. The scene was truly life changing. 

The rubber maid scenario was superb from start to Finish. The rubber and latex soft sensuous wet yet restrictive especially the hood.  I loved the corset and the breasts the skirt and the whole out fit i think i could find my self a true devote to this way of life.  I enjoyed being made to clean your mirrors and I'm sorry i did such a terrible job. My pathetic sissy cock being bound and my ass being plugged was enough stimulus to get me buzzing along with the cleaning.The way you stimulate a prostate is enough to make me cream myself. Wearing the heels was a challenge and my calves will be sore for days! Each time i feel the pain it reminds me of our time together and my sissy clit stirs in my pants. 

Next lets talk about the bondage ! Wow what an experience ! I had never been bound with rope before and to be suspended. It really filled me with fear and trepidation i felt totally helpless. My fear was put at ease by your explanations and the communication as to what was about to happen and signs to look for. I really enjoyed the suspension it was tough and challenging. I enjoyed the anal play and being forced to suck your strap on. Im sorry that more poor circulation bought about an early end to something that you clearly seemed to be enjoying.  

After some much needed rest and being bound again. I found the last scene truly amazing i was willing to push my limits in all areas and mistress truly did that. Again i feel i must apologise for my lack of control. I wasn't able to hold back my orgasm. I think with the anal plug and the magic wand i was a little over stimulated when mistress served up the ultimate delights. Im glad that i was able to consume mistress champagne and caviar post orgasm and still bound.  Truly Delectable. 

In Short Mistress Tokyo You truly are the best sensual sadistic and at the same time caring and compassionate. 

Your Humble slave 


Hello Mistress,

Thank you again for a fantastic experience, I loved every minute of that very long session (even if my body failed me). What was and still is going on in my mind is surreal. You are an extraordinary professional.

When I am coming back to Sydney and I am going to try the suspended hogtie again with you. That was the absolute best one I have ever experienced, and I Will stay in it longer. I must...

Thank you for making some of my fantasies into reality. You are unreal.

Yours truly



Hi Mistress,

I'd like to thank you for yesterday. It was by far the best session i have ever had. Your energy, and the way you seemed to actually enjoy the session yourself just made the session electric.

I have never experienced such an erotic way of putting on latex. You made it into a mental orgasm almost a meltdown by the time you were done with me. And then you up the level by adding hoods on yourself and then the gas masks. It was so bloody great.

One thing that stuck in my mind was the "make out" or shining that we did in the gas masks and it just went wild. That was something i have never been through before and it was much more erotic that i could ever think. 

The whole experience has left me rather tired but happy. I will never forget this session and i will think twice before i book again and not ask for to much..:-) I'm now at the airport heading home with body showing visible signs of what i have done.. :-)

Until next time. Stay out of trouble and stay insane.. :-)



Dear Mistress,

What can I say? Absolutely awesome. You are an expert at what you do.

The way the session commenced was HOT! The bondage was very secure and the length of time was perfect. I was just approaching my limit when we moved on. The nipple torture was sublime - a great mix of tender and harsh. Not quite severe but a fantastic mix.

The rubber - well you know what that does to me. I nearly drift off as you are dressing me. 

The suspension, as I said last night, was just what I was expecting it to be. It's just such a shame that my body brought it too a conclusion earlier than I wanted. With the position, the gas mask, the butt plug, the things hanging off my nipples and the fear/excitement about what I thought you might do next, I simply overloaded.

Certainly one of the, if not the most intense session I have had and I really look forward to seeing the photos. They will provide me with lovely reminders in the future and I'm sure will generate favourable comments on Fetlife.

There were lovely rope marks on my arms for a couple of hours to provide me with lovely reminders of what we had done and my shoulders have no ill effects from the experience.

Thank you once again and I look forward to our next session with unabashed excitement and anticipation. 

Respectfully and very submissively



Mistress Hello

I must thank you for last weeks session. I am no longer a suspension virgin and I could not think of a better mistress to show me the ropes... so to speak :) :) It was an exquisitely erotic experience and one that is now etched in the memory forever and for all the right reasons.

You made the other two so called professionals I have seen seem quite pedestrian and second rate in comparison... OK... downright boring, unintelligent and dull in comparison...

I thank you for the energy and soul you gave me in that session as I could see from your eyes that was the case. I was a lucky man to have experienced your unique and gifted talents and all perched on 6 inch stilettos and latex clad fit body.  

I still have a smile on my face and secretly wondering what else is in my fetish bucket list.  ?? mmmmmmnnnn...

Thanks again, loved you and the session.



Dear Mistress Tokyo,

I had a session with you yesterday evening. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for an amazing experience. You have truly fulfilled my fantasy of martial arts mistress.

Although it was quite embarrassing , humiliating and painful experience, but i have to admit that on the other hand it was amazing and excellent experience as well.

Mistress, you are a true professional and i would like to thank for incorporating every element of BDSM i had requested for in the session. I would definitely like to meet you in the future.

In the end thanks for a fabulous and enjoyable session.




Dear Mistress,

I think have have finally reached earth again. What more can I say? The session was absolutely fabulous.

I'm always cautious about saying it was the best session I've ever had but I can say that I can't think of a better one. I was shaking like a leaf when I started coming back to earth and that was when I realised exactly where I had been.

Let's work through it:

The beginning was a little more challenging than I was expecting. To position myself in the slave position and being aware of Ms Z sitting there watching, was more difficult than I would have expected. Your entrance and initial actions certainly helped to get my mind heading in the right direction and was great.

The rubber - what more do I need to say on that subject? Love it.

The different bondage positions - as you noticed, my poor old inflexible body did not take them as well as I would have liked, which was unfortunate as they were demanding without being extreme, at least for some people. The spanking was great. The caning was wicked and I hated/loved/hated/loved/hated it. I found it quite intense and stingier that I had experienced before - especially where you were hitting me. I've never been caned there before.

Having my balls secured and then countered by the anal hook was evil, especially when being caned. The anal hook was interesting although in that particular circumstance it was quite a challenge, but I guess that why we do these things, isn't it? The anal invasion by your hand was very challenging hence my safe word being called a couple of times. Very intense but not necessarily in a good way. The ramping up/down/up/down of intensity builds things up well I find. The inflatable plug and its attachments - just great. Tying it in place - thank you. Tying it in or using your harness, not only holds it in but it pulls it right in tight which makes the feeling more intense. Excellent.

The suspension - awesome in every way. The saran wrap worked really well. It was much more comfortable for me and allowed much more sensation play. As soon as you lifted me off the floor I thought, I just never want to get out of this. Then there was the torture - Fuuuucccckkkk! Having two beautiful, sexy and sadistic Dommes attacking me was just unbelievable. The tit tower was a great idea and it certainly left me exposed for other torture, which I have to say Ms Z just did an amazing job of. I think one of the things that really helped to push me over the top was in sensing (and seeing) just how much she seemed to be enjoying herself.

I really can't thank you enough for providing me with that experience and I am really pleased that it worked so well for you. If you could pass on my heartfelt thanks to Ms Z as well, I would really appreciate it. I certainly hope to see her again when I get the chance to come back.

Warmest regards,