I’m a Sydney Dominatrix with My own world-class BDSM studio warehouse.


I’ve over 18 years experience in professional BDSM, with a decade spent as an independent Pro Domme.


I’m also an internationally recognized kink educator and performer.


As seen on ABC TV's "You Can't Ask That..." and "Growing Up Gracefully" and heard on Triple J's "The Hook Up".

Awarded "Best for Fetish and Fantasy" by the Australian Adult Industry Awards


Contact Me by phone on:

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'Heavy Sens Dep' workshop for Uber, Thurs 5th

Click on the shot to book!Hi again A/all!

I've been asked to hold My very popular, infamous "Heavy Sensory Deprivation" workshop for Uber yet again!

It's on this Thursday June 5th, 7pm - tickets are $20.

I premiered this workshop at Uber's first 'The Gathering' weekend event a couple of years ago to a massive success! I then went on to hold it again at 'Beyond Leather' in Florida last month - to a standing ovation! :D

I'll be taking attendees through the basics of heavy sensory deprivation play, with a focus on leather and latex and derivations into bondage! I'll cover all aspects of this scene, from safety through to the more subtle psychological properties of this play.

It's on tomorrow night from 7pm for 2hrs at their Camperdown premises. Tickets cost $20 with tea and coffee provided, too!

Numbers are always limited for My workshops, so registration through the Uber Services site is mandatory. The exact address is provided only with registration, so jump onto the link above or browse the site below via the banner for more details!




Teaching Adv. Electro on Sun 20th @ Uber!

Click on the banner to go to the Uber siteHi again!

Just a quick note to say I'm on the workshop trail again - this time in Sydney this weekend!

I'm conducting another installation of My highly successful and somewhat infamous "Advanced Electroplay". I first did this workshop at Uber's weekend-long "The Gathering", back in 2010.

We've revisited it subsequently at different times since that first installation and I'm looking forward to doing it all over again for a whole new audience!

If you are interested in incorporating this into your own play at home - instead of just coming in to see Me - then click though to see the details of the workshop on the Uber site below!

Want to buy tickets? Click above...

In the service of furthering education in My local and interstate kink community - hope to see you there!

See you all sooner, at My boots!



Biggest event in Sydney this year is this wkend: The Gathering 29th Sept-1st Oct

Click on the image to go to The Gathering site...

Hi A/all!

It's the biggest event of the year in the Sydney fetish event calendar - and it's on next weekend!

It's the second coming of "The Gathering" - a kink conference run by "Uber", BDSM event/play party organizers de resistance! I was involved in the inaugural one two years ago as a workshop presenter. It's an amazing event - and an honour to be part of it again, this year!

The conference runs over 3 days and 3 nights. It encompasses a Fetish Night Market Friday night, over 40 workshops on the Saturday and Sunday and a recovery brunch with closing address on Monday hosted by Laura Antoniou, famous NY based author - one of three international guests at this year's event.

Our other international presenters are Lochai and Dov - two great Shibari bondage practitioners from the US. I had the pleasure of meeting them both at Shibaricon in Chicago, 3 years ago!

Click on the image to buy Fetish Market tickets!

This year I'm conducting 3 workshops on Saturday and Sunday. I'm doing "Electrical Play 101" and "Advanced Electrical Play" again - two of My most popular workshops ever. I've conducted these workshops many times before at previous Uber events and I'll look forward to converting a whole new set of newbies to the virtues of My TENS machine! ;) you all know it's one of My most favourite toys!

On the Saturday morning, I'll be presenting for the first time My third and totally new workshop on one of My favourite topics; "Heavy Sensory Deprivation". Miss Dee of Uber essentially asked Me to "just play" and to show the public one of My favourite styles of scene - heavy bondage and "sens dep", incorporating latex and leather. My response? Allow Me! ;)

Check the workshop schedule here - anything pique your curiosity?

Click on the banner to go to the Workshop Schedule...The most exciting component of the whole weekend though is two massive parties on Sunday night - "Uber Dark" and "Uber Noir". There'll be amazing outfits, lots of play, shows and you can attend one or both events - depending on how tired out you are from the weekend! lol

If you want to attend either of these fab parties, click on the different pictures to get the details...

Click on the image for info on Sunday parties...Click on the images for info on Sunday parties...

Regrettably, I can't attend the Sunday parties as I have an appointment that night already. I know I'll be missing out! :( Regardless, I'm very sure both parties - and the whole weekend - will be an amazing experience for all who attend!

New toys to buy, new things to learn, parties to go to and great new people to meet. What more could you want at a fetish event? That it runs for the whole weekend!

See you at My workshops over The Gathering - surely the biggest event in the whole of the Sydney kink calendar!




TENS Electrical Play Workshop @ Uber, Sun 17th July

Looking for something kinky to do on a Sunday afternoon? ;)

One of the toys I'll be demonstrating tomorrow! :)

I've been asked to run My (now famous) "TENS Electrical Play Workshop" again for Uber tomorrow afternoon!

The workshop will be a thorough explanation of basic to advanced play with an actual demonstration of My Eros Tek TENS shock box on My willing submissive, subzero! I'll be bringing My extensive collection of toys and available to answer any questions people may have.

The gear can be expensive and does require some local knowledge but I'm more than happy to offer the benefit of My experience so that more of us can access this intense scene!

I first ran this workshop at a Uber event last year and it was a complete success! I was then asked to run an advanced workshop at the weekend long Uber event "The Gathering" October 2010. It was the most popular workshop of the whole event! Considering I was standing up next to amazing facilitators like Laura Antonio and Madison Young, that is very high praise! (blush)

Another more basic toy I'll demo tomorrow...

I'm at it again at the home of Uber in Marsden St, Camperdown tomorrow at 2pm. Check the Uber Services website out here if you are interested in booking for this workshop, or for information about other events offerred by the great crew at Uber! (NB. The times on the site as of today Saturday are incorrect - we are officially starting at 2pm)

Click here to go thru to the Uber website...

See you all tomorrow for a kinky end to your weekend! ;)




PS. All images used in this post are courtesy of Mr S Leather in San Francisco where I bought My Eros Tek TENS machine and toys. Check their great gear here: www.mr-s-leather.com


Uber Under 30's workshop a great success!

Hi A/all!

Yesterday for the first time Uber presented one of their famous BDSM Bonanzas to the Sydney Under 30's Bdsm kink social group! I've participated in a number of Uber's Bonanzas before, presenting on a diverse range of topics such as Sensory Deprivation and Electrical play - but this time I was asked to talk on the basics of Bondage and Discipline!

 I had 40 young people at My whim to learn and expand their knowledge on B&D. We covered as diverse a range of topics as I could cater to in the short period of time; to discuss Bondage I did demos on mummification, Shibari and My straight jacket proved to be lots of fun for all! (I put a few people in it after the workshop!) I discussed Discipline in two broad streams; in terms of both traditional Corporal Punishment - percussion play; and the more subtle mental strengths of holding your own space in a scene, whatever scene it may be, and the virtues of the discipline of protocols. You all missed a lot if you weren't there!

I have another workshop on next month! It's one I've been looking forward to presenting and Miss Dee at Uber and I have been discussing it for ages! A latex clothing making workshop! I'm going to take the lucky participants through what I've leant in the last 6 years I've learnt in My time making rubber! I'll be letting people in on the tricks of the trade and how to make themselves simple pieces that they can actually wear to events. This workshop will be invaluable to those who like to make some basic gear for themselves! I'm not afraid of sharing My knowledge as the more people into rubber in the world - the better, I say!

The workshop is on Wednesday 28th July, called the "Latex - crafty "how to" Workshop." It costs $90 and the start time is 7.00pm. It will run for approx 3 hrs. Once registered, participants will be given the address of the venue. I plan to show people the basics and then help them to make a piece of rubber clothing to take home! Wow - you get to learn how to make a garment you get to take home! Excellent value!

Find the link to registration here on the Uber website if you want to come along!


Be well A/all - and be shiny!