I’m a Sydney Dominatrix with My own world-class BDSM studio warehouse.


I’ve over 18 years experience in professional BDSM, with a decade spent as an independent Pro Domme.


I’m also an internationally recognized kink educator and performer.


As seen on ABC TV's "You Can't Ask That..." and "Growing Up Gracefully" and heard on Triple J's "The Hook Up".

Awarded "Best for Fetish and Fantasy" by the Australian Adult Industry Awards


Contact Me by phone on:

Aus: 0420 879 204

OS: +61 420 879 204



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My article on Rubber Bastard @ The Fetishistas

A shot from our hugely successful event, the "Sydney Mr & Ms Fetish" title competition.

Hi A/all!

Yes, I KNOW you've all been wondering where I've been for the past month...

I've been SO busy you wouldn't believe! Mardi Gras season has taken the majority of the blame, where I'm called to represent the kink community as "Sydney Ms Leather 2012". I'm at the end of My tenure as a Titleholder too, so I've been enjoying My last weeks of fame!

This year I also stepped up to organize two events with the new association I've co-formed - "Sydney Fetish League". For our inaugural event the "Slave Auction", we raised $3500 for GLBTIQ charity ACON. At our second event, we crowned two titleholders to represent our community with a new competition to complement the existing Sydney Leather Pride Assoc. title, ours being called "Sydney Mr & Ms Fetish".

To sum up how I've been flying I've coined the phrase, "too overcommitted". Ya reckon? In addition to these huge drains on My "spare" time, I took some time to party, too - as one should! Don't worry people, Sydney town is now safe! lol ;)

Click on the Fetishistas cover to go to My article...

In amongst the fracas, I've just offered the world My newest article published through TheFetishistas.com on the Australian fetish phenomenon, "Rubber Bastard"!

As many of you know, I've been writing on the local scene for Tony Mitchell's UK-based webzine for two and a half years now. It still give Me a massive buzz to see My words up in lights, especially as all My little words go towards the furthering our blooming scene down here...

The Rubber Bastard Association!

"Rubber Bastard" started as a house party and has grown to be one of Sydney's most popular fetish events, held at different venues around town by the now infamous "Rubber Bastard Association".

Click on the shot of the February cover to go straight to My article... And yes, if you happen to have been to a previous RB party, it's more than likely you've made it into the gallery on the site! :D

The Rubber Bastard Assoc.'s next event is on this Saturday at the Oxford Hotel, Oxford St - Sat 13th March, doors open at 9pm. Interested in checking out the party? Go to www.rubberbastard.com to get your tickets! Remember, these parties have a strict dress code: "No rubber, no Bastard" is the bon mot! If you arrive sans latex, you simply won't get in! ;)

I'll post again soon with some shots of My most recent sessions. Somehow, I've still been able to keep up with the desires of My slaves as well as My community in what's been such a busy period! I'll even post a couple of shots of sessions I did with the fabulous Satomi while She was in Sydney - stay tuned..!

Always, My best rubber regards!



My article on Xplore @ TheFetishistas.com!

Image by Morgan Carpenter, Dirty Queer Magazine

Hi E/everyone!

I have My newest article published in Tony Mitchell's The Fetishistas.com! To tell you the truth, it was published over 3wks ago - but I've been soooooo darn busy blogging about The Gathering and Hellfire Resurrection I hadn't had the chance to get the word out...

This time it's on the Sydney Xplore Festival earlier in the year. I presented two workshops on Latex and CBT - and covered the event with an article, too!

It was a really busy weekend - straight after competing at "International Ms Leather 2012" in San Francisco the previous week! I then flew to Japan the Monday morning after the festival weekend at 6am without having slept. The things we do, eh? Go hard, or... go ah, to Japan!!! ;)

Click on the cover page of our September edition to go straight to My article...

Click on the banner below to go to the main Fetishistas site...

My article is complemented by the photography of the fabulous Morgan Carpenter, shooting for local publication "Dirty Queer Magazine". His photography really captured the essence of the Saturday night Performance Night! 

The wonderful Kinoko Hajime in action...

Here's a wonderful shot of Kinoko Hajime and his rope bunny in performance. Here, Kinoko has created the most amazing rope installation - with her suspended in the middle!

Have a look at more of Morgan's work at the Dirty Queer Magazine site here...

I hope you enjoy reading about this world-renowned festival, here in our Sydney town. The article has been published late to co-incide with the inaugural Vienna, Rome and Barcelona festivals, staged later in the year.

Xplore returns to Sydney again next Easter in 2013. I hope to see some of you there for the most unique alternative sexuality festival experience in Australia - I'll be most certainly looking forward to it!

Best - in "print"!


PS. Yes, you guessed it - I have yet another article coming up very soon! Stay tuned...


5yrs independent & still going strong!

Image by Lucas Messerer from Soul Focus Studio

Hi A/all!

I can't believe it but I've been an independent pro Domme now for 5 years!

As I've often said, I had no idea how much work, commitment and passion it'd take to become a private Mistress and build My own studio. The windfall gain has most certainly been how I've grown in that time though and the things I've accomplished - not just the fact that Tokyo is alive, well and still whipping yo' ass!

I've become a much more accomplished Domme than I ever could have been if I'd stayed at a commercial house. I've really been able to spread My wings and distill My own particular session style. I've gone a lot further into fetish and BDSM than I ever thought possible - and I love it!

I've become a published mojo (mobile journalist) for Tony Mitchell's TheFetishistas.com, covering the local Australian kink and fetish scene, with the odd foray into international events.

I've become a renowned fetish model, mainly via Bootlovers.com. (We have another issue out soon, btw. Yes, you WON'T BELIEVE the boots I'm wearing!)

I was awarded the honour of "Sydney Ms Leather 2012", competing in San Francisco in March 2012 for the "International Ms Leather" title. As this year's titleholder, I'm a notable at Sydney Leather Pride Events alongside the fabulous Richard Savvy, "Sydney Mr Leather 2012". Under this mantle, I've started My own public monthly GLBTIQ rope bondage group, called "Rope Flow".

I've designed and manufactured My own latex for My personal wardrobe, totally unique heavy play gear for My own studio and custom garments for select members of the Sydney community.

In addition to all this, I continue to enjoy the most amazing creative collaboration with Lucas Messerer from Soul Focus Studio. Luke and I work so well together, Me posing in My best and him behind the camera making his magic images. I've been so lucky to work with Luke - as well as to be able to call him a solid buddy.

To celebrate the fabulous occasion, here's a sneak peek of a new shoot Luke and I did, just a few weeks back! 

Want to see what else Luke has been up to recently? Click on the pic below to go to his site, see his work and even to buy one of his books! (Yes, those ARE My ballet booted legs! lol)

Click on the image to go to Luke's site...

These images have just hit the web at deepdownandkinky.com, too - so see them here and on this infamous UK-based fetish blog, watched by so many!

If you want to catch up with what else Craig at DDK has been posting, click on the banner below to go to his blog. You'll be sure to see images of Me there, every now and then! ;)

Click on the banner to go to Deep Down and Kinky!

I'm really proud to say that I'm still charged up and creatively stimulated, 5 years later!

I can't wait to see what the next 5 years will bring and, for sure, if you knew what I'm currently working on, you'd be damn excited too! ;) ;) ;)




Presenting at Sydney Xplore Festival over Easter

Hi E/everyone!

After I jet back into the country from San Francisco I'll be looking forward to the next thing on My dancecard - presenting two workshops at the Sydney Xplore Festival this Easter!

Click thru here to go to the Xplore site...

If you haven't heard about this benchmark festival, here's a couple of words from the it's convenor, Dr Peter Banki;

"Xplore is a three-day event on creative sexuality, BDSM, tantra, ritual and other body practices. Delve into new found pleasures by joining us.

Xplore offers more than 40 workshops and performances, bringing together a highly developed interest in the body and different aspects and variations of sexuality.

Xplore is hosted by international and local presenters, most of whom are professional artists, dancers, choreographers and/or scholars. There will be workshops with Hajime Kinoko, (one of the world's most dazzling Shibari artists), Tristan Taormino (best-selling author, sex educator and feminist pornographer) and Annetta Luce (dancer, choreographer extraordinaire). The festival culminates in all night Berlin-style party called "The Aristocracy of Desire".

Xplore presents workshops which will give you the chance to have new experiences, rather than only discussions or demonstrations. These experiences are as varied as sexuality itself. Some are therapeutic in nature, some emerge from aesthetic intentions, others are spiritual quests or searches for the borderline. Their common ground is playfulness, communication, creativity and expansion beyond traditional relationships. They represent a different sexual culture.

Above all, Xplore wishes to bring together those who think and love unconventionally. To share and to learn."

I missed the inagural festival last year due to prior commitments but this time, going on the success of last year, I was happy to offer My skills to the community!

I'm presenting workshops on "CBT: women on men", and "Latex: The initiation"! I'm really looking forward to the rubber workshop as I have not presented it before and am VERY eager (as you may imagine) to impart some of My love of latex to the workshop attendants!

Image courtesy of Kinoko Hajime

I'm personally really looking forward to reacquainting with a certain person from Japan too - the really cool and immensely talented Kinoko Hajime! I've had the pleasure of attending a couple of his workshops in Melbourne and look forward to downing tools and rocking up to his workshops as a student! I'm sure I'll see him do some amazing things! Above is a taste of his truly unique rope style...

After I return from Japan - see My next blog posting, I'll be covering the festival for Tony Mitchell's "thefetishistas.com" too! I'll look forward to informing the rest of the kink world on yet another amazing happening down here in Sydney town. Stay tuned, I'll let you know when we publish the article.

I hope some of those who I'm familiar with in a professional session context can make it to what should be an amazing experience!




My Fetish Factory article published on TheFetishistas.com!

Hi A/all!

I've been waiting eagerly for it to come online after going under the editor's knife of Tony Mitchell... And here it is, My article on My exploits in Florida at one of the biggest and best kink events in the world, Fetish Factory!

Check out My article here, hot off the press...

Click here to go through to My article...

Here's some more happy snaps from the weekend, provided by the legendary fetish photographer, "Fuckin'" Gerry Koehler!

Myself with Fetish Factory sponsor Mistress Anya, Switzerland

Myself, Goddess Sativa, Jean Bardot, Mistress Absolute & friend

Click here to go to the front page of The Fetishistas!

In My 12" heel boots at the Extreme Players party!If you couldn't be there, read My article to get the next best thing!

It's already in My fetish diary for next year to visit this great party weekend again, as it should be in yours!

Catch you all in cyberspace again sooner,