I’m a Sydney Dominatrix with My own world-class BDSM studio warehouse.


I’ve over 18 years experience in professional BDSM, with a decade spent as an independent Pro Domme.


I’m also an internationally recognized kink educator and performer.


As seen on ABC TV's "You Can't Ask That..." and "Growing Up Gracefully" and heard on Triple J's "The Hook Up".

Awarded "Best for Fetish and Fantasy" by the Australian Adult Industry Awards


Contact Me by phone on:

Aus: 0420 879 204

OS: +61 420 879 204



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Fetters Leather leg sack, Xmas holidays in 1mth

Hey E/everyone!

As promised, I'm putting up a few shots of recent sessions here, just to keep those "creative" juices flowing for us all in the lead up to, ah... CHRISTMAS? (WTF? Already...) 

Above is one of My favourite slaves in a rather compromising position! ;) He's fully suspended in My rope, wearing a great leather corset, full coverage latex and a fab custom-made red leather full body spine harness! (He is "enjoying" the virtues of My Folsom electrical CBT torture board, too!) Since I purchased My leather straight jacket, I've been using it in conjunction with another great piece of gear you can just make out above... a Fetters leather straight jacket leg bag! I purchased it ages ago to pair with a straight jacket and I'm really happy to say I can now use it as it was initially intended - with impunity!

These two bits of gear fit together like a leather bodybag, so I can have My slave "ambulatory" in an extended scene, then tie him down and put him in the leg bag to create all over total leather enclosure. Are we excited or what? I am... :)

Here is the original shot of the Fetters USA leg bag - looks lovely and snug, doesn't it!

What? Those rumours about Me being a RUBBER Mistress? Naturally, I have both a straight jacket and a leg bag in latex as well! Those two pieces were the first pieces of gear I made when I was building My studio space. I needed latex gear, so I just went out and made it...

Many have asked Me in the past - "Mistress you have such a diverse skill base! You make your own latex, too? Wow, how come you can do that..?" The answer is that My first degree was in Costume Making for Theatre and Film. I am actually formally "qualified" to design, draft and cut patterns to create clothing - hence all My custom latex gear! Any complaints? lol ;)


My movements over the Xmas and New year period:

Another announcement I'd like to make is My annual retreat for holidays over Xmas and New Year. This year I'm taking time off sessions in one month's time - giving you all just enough warning to get your butts in here to serve Me!


My dates for the remainder of 2012:

Available Monday to Saturday, 10am to 9pm for sessions in Sydney

On holidays from Monday 24th Dec 2012 to Sunday 6th Jan 2013 inclusive

Resuming sessions as per usual in Sydney from Monday 7th Jan 2013

NB: Please note that, during My 2 week holiday period, I DO NOT check My phone, inboxes, Twitter, Facebook accounts, Formspring, Fetlife, anywhere. I'm literally in rural NSW out of range via mobile and have no internet coverage. I couldn't check My webs even if I wanted to. :D

On My return Monday 7th Jan, I'll return all correspondence asap. If you call Me, still send a text and I'll return it at My earliest convenience.

Where did the year go..? See you at My boots sooner, in either latex or leather!



New Leather Straightjacket!

Nothing like a boot on your neck...

Hi E/everyone!

I've had such a busy week already I've been late in blogging as usual at the start of the week... It's always great to be busy!

If any of you have followed Me on Twitter for longer than a year, you'll know I had a $1600 custom made Fetters straight jacket stolen in the mail. Yep, I DID mention it a couple of times. I was a bit stung... :(

Sooo, I'm happy to say I've built a G_d damn bridge and got over the hurt - with another straight jacket!

I used it for the very first time the other night in an overnight session, pictured above... I do quite a few overnights and longer scenes, particularly with the slave in the jacket - you know who you are!

I had him flying high in the first of two rope and leather suspensions for the evening, nearly losing consciousness as I did a sleeper hold on him with My rubber clad thighs as he hung there, helpless in the sky... ;)

Image courtesy of JT's Stockroom, in LA

This is the jacket, as G_d made it, by My friends at JT's STockroom in LA. They do great work and I'd certainly recommend them as a go-to place if you are ever in Sunset Boulevard and looking for some great toys!

The leather in this jacket is truly gorgeous! It smells so darn good I was distracted by it while having lunch the other day in My kitchen where it was laying, fresh out of its box. I do love rubber, as latex provides for a greater diversity of play than leather - but the feel smell and sound of hide is irreplaceable!

Best, in leather!



Back in Sydney, back for sessions!

Got rubber? :)

Hi E/everyone!

Yes, it's official - I'm back in town, finally!

As many people have noticed, I've been spending a lot of time in My home town of Perth in the last 3 months. My family is very important to Me so I've been doing what My heart leads Me to do and have been over there with them, when they need Me. :)

I'm happy to announce though, that I'm now back in Sydney for good to pick up where I left off! It's great to be back and I feel I can now set a rhythm for the rest of the year!

I thought I'd whet your collective whistles with some shots from a recent session with a long-time slave! The shots do nothing to communicate how good the session was or the sense of elation at realizing our fantasy...

One thing I really groove on is making My own gear. It gives Me the unique satisfaction of realizing My own fetish fantasies with My own two hands, as well as having a totally unique studio! I've been a creative since childhood. These days it just happens to be latex and basic carpentry!

I enjoy this slave's session in particular as we often contrive gear or scenarios together, then go about realizing them. Frankly, there's not much that excites Me more about doing sessions!

One day, he came to Me with a shot from the web of a woman pallet-wrapped to a bare board, suspended face down. I figured I hadn't done that before, so...

The first time we tried it, we learned how we should modify the board and how to finesse the suspension process. The second session, we had it in one! The process is too involved to go into here, but My slave said the only thing that would have made the session better is if he could have been up there forever! lol

This last picture will pique most of you who haven't already met Her...

I'll let you into a little secret I've been keeping under My hat for a while now - there's something very special going on at My studio at the moment. In My next blog posting or so, I'll let you meet Her...!

Back in town, with a vengeance!



Shots of recent sessions! (& Electro CBT, btw...)

Hi E/everyone!

I realized the other day that I've been posting about some great things recently; My amazing Sydney Ms Leather 2012 title, travel to SF and Japan, My workshops at Sydney Xplore festival, a heavy rubber photo shoot with Soul Focus Studio, etc. but that it's been a positive AGE since I actually posted any shots of what I do 6 days a week when I'm not doing all THOSE things - My sessions!! :D

I had a lovely long term slave come in the other day. We hadn't seen each other for a while due to his moving to the country for work. I decided to tie him down so I could keep him where I wanted him instead of him running off again! Three layers of bondage incorporating rope, rubber, leather AND mummification and I was sure that he wouldn't be going anywhere! And, knowing Me, there was some electrical CBT involved thrown in for discipline...

It's a pity you can't see My fabulous "Deep Throat" electrical device in use here - I'll keep that between Myself and My slave, but I can report it's like being grabbed and pulsed to your limit - and beyond! :)

Not all My sessions involve latex and electrical CBT you know - but gosh darn I like it!

My next slave (pictured above and below) has been under My wing for over 7 years now. Not My longest standing slave by all means, but one of the few in OZ. We've finessed our session to a tee, with occasional forays into more intense torture and penetrative play. We came up with the random idea to use docking rings on his balls and I decided that that should most rightly be paired with, ah - more darn electrical torture! Surprise!

I tied him into the strenuous position above and then stuffed one of My favourite (electrical!) toys up his ass, a totally fabulous big black cock. It pulsed in and out of him **most pornographically** while I pushed him to take the "ghost f#cking" program on My Eros Tek 312B. He could see it moving, too... Yay!

My last slave here particularly likes GS. I find them most edifying - although I don't do so many of them these days. I particularly like them paired with rubber though - and My slave begged Me for some champagne since I hadn't rewarded him with a taste in so long...

..so I tied him so he'd "receive all and not spill a drop" - while I pumped the GS into BOTH his rear AND his mouth! you beg for GS? you gets it! lol My enema gear is not shown in the photo, but the ubiquitious funnel is in pride of place, where it goes, in one's mouth... ;)

Enjoy the shots and see you all under My boots, no doubt sooner!



Shots of My unique gear from a recent session!

Hi E/everyone!

I've had a number of people make inquiries about My fabulous chrome and stainless steel Medical Neck Brace from Carrara in the Netherlands after showing it off for the very first time in My recent shoot with Luke from Soul Focus Studio!

If you missed the release of the shots - go to My blog entry on the 27th of October (two entries back) and you'll see Luke's amazing work, although I do happen to know there are more shots to come! ;)

Here are some shots of a lucky slave who recently sessioned with Me, trussed up in the brace! This piece is not only beautiful but also a devastatingly successful bondage device! As I've worn it Myself, I know the amazing feeling it provides - having your occipital lobe pushed forward and your mandible jammed up into your upper jaw! It ensures your head and neck do not move and can be tightened using the front and back turnbuckles to the point that you cannot even flex your jaw! Yummmmmm!

My lucky slave in the amazing brace!

The original device by Carrara

Carrara also make amazing chastity gear for both men and women. I bought this piece in Chicago at International Mr Leather 2010 and I don't think you can buy these in Australia. Mr S in San Francisco does carry them, but they are strictly to order only.

If you want to have a look at more of the work by Carrara, have a look at their site below via the link...

Click thru to the Carrara site...

Indulging My slave with this amazing piece of gear was not the only scene we played in our 12hr long marathon overnight play session! Amongst our many scenes - including a walk down to Blackwattle Bay at midnight with both of us in full rubber and gas masks to tie My slave up on the waterfront in inflatable latex then teased with a vibrator!! - we did some suspension bondage!

Enjoy these shots of a Japanese bondage Shibari "gote" harness and full suspension! We both had a great time and I loved tying My slave then torturing him with electricity and breathplay while he was "flying"!

The Shibari "gote" harness I tied on My slave for this suspenion
Come fly with Me...!

Enjoy the shots of another great session - and My fabulous new shiny gear!