I’m a Sydney Dominatrix with My own world-class BDSM studio warehouse.


I’ve over 18 years experience in professional BDSM, with a decade spent as an independent Pro Domme.


I’m also an internationally recognized kink educator and performer.


As seen on ABC TV's "You Can't Ask That..." and "Growing Up Gracefully" and heard on Triple J's "The Hook Up".

Awarded "Best for Fetish and Fantasy" by the Australian Adult Industry Awards


Contact Me by phone on:

Aus: 0420 879 204

OS: +61 420 879 204



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In Perth 6th - 10th Dec

Hi A/all!

As you all know, I'm originally from Perth WA. Although very much a Sydney-sider these days, I always make time to go back to My roots for Xmas and family. :)

This trip, I'm going across the country for a couple of days in early December.

My dates for Perth in Dec:

Available in Sydney Sat 6th daytime

To WA evening Sat 6th to Weds 10th

Available for sessions in Sydney Thurs 11th 10am

Naturally, I'll be available on My phone and checking My email during this period, but please note there may be delays in communication due to the 3hr time difference between Sydney and Perth.

To My WA based slaves, due to this being a short trip only, I'll not be taking sessions during this time... :(

I will however hopefully be shooting with Wayne Henry from Warped Photography!

If you missed the HUGE shoot we did on My last trip to Perth, we had a rubber creature party for My 7th year as an independent Pro Domme! Have a look at the image above to see what you missed...!

It's always great to shoot with Wayne! He has some really unique outfits and, paired with My own wardrobe, we always come up with something completely creative while managing to have a lot of fun!

I saw him two years ago for what I still claim was our best shoot... These two images are from a shoot we did on a salt lake - in 35 degree heat and gusty winds! Latex lover for punishment, much?

If you want to check out what he has been shooting recently, go to his site below...

His new site is really great and showcases his shoots with different local, interstate and international fetish models!

Click on the banner to check out the Warped site!

Once I'm back in Sydney town, I'll be sure to let you know so you can see Me before My yearly New Year holiday - always from just before Xmas day for about 2 weeks.




Australian Power Exchange Title, Oct 19th

Hi E/everyone,

Even if you've been living under a rock, you'd still have noticed I've been *exceptionally* busy in the last 2 months!

I've done 2 different BDSM conferences in 2 different cities; photo shoots with that photographer then flying into here to do another show... Crazy busy - and loving' it! :D

But certainly, one of the most important things I've done in the way of community work is to bring the International Power Exchange Title to Australia.

In the last few years, we - particularly Melbourne and Sydney - have seen a growth in Leather Title events. This is where prominent scene people are recognized and celebrated by their local BDSM community at events convened to forge greater cohesion and inspire us to strive together. My first experience of this was My title "Sydney Ms Leather 2012", awarded to Me by Sydney Leather Pride Assoc.

When I held workshops and performed at Beyond Leather in Florida in May, they asked Me to be the Australian Producer of their title.

The inaugural Australian Power Exchange Title seeks to

"Celebrate the relationship that makes you feel powerful!"

We sought couples in all sorts of power exchange relationships to show us what they were made of!

Winners received a travel fund to fly to the States to the International Power Exchange Title at Beyond Leather, April 2015.

Winners of the Australian PE Title! Photography by Chuck Roberts

Therefore, I am VERY proud to announce the winners of the inaugural Australian Power Exchange Title contest in 2014...


They will join Me next year in Florida to compete in the International contest and to forger stronger community ties between Australia and the USA!

Our Judges! Image by Anne-Marie Calihanna for the Sydney Star Observer

Myself and Angie Demaskau, one of My MCs. Image by Anne-Marie Calihanna for the Sydney Star Observer

It was a huge undertaking to organize the whole event by Myself but I'm very glad to have done it as I'm always looking for new ways to contribute to our wider community. :)

I'm also immensely grateful to My sponsors in Sydney and Melbourne without whom I literally couldn't have run the event. My major sponsors were Sax Fetish, Max Black and Eagle Leather - THANKYOU so much for your support! Of course, a huge thank you needs to go out to all the people on the ground who helped make it such a fabulous night, too.

I am happy to say that I'll enjoy a short break before I dip My toe into My next enterprise for the benefit of our community - at least until the start of next year!

Most certainly, I'll be posting here about the International Power Exchange Title at Beyond Leather in Florida, when I take My winners there in March/April next year!



PS. STAY TUNED for shots and footage of My fabulous shibari rope bondage show from the Australian Power Exchange Title, coming up very soon!


Shots of My Shibari show at Oz Kink Fest...

Hi A/all!

I've been SO super-busy in the last one and a half months I've simply not had time to blog!

It's been bumper to bumper with events, shows, sessions and travel! I'm very happy to say I'm now entering the home stretch to Xmas and NY with very little in the way of extra-curricular activities...

Since Septermber, I have done 1 workshop for Schwelle Sydney, 5 workshops and a Shibari show at Oz Kink Fest Melbourne, 2 workshops at The Gathering Sydney THEN My own event the Australian "Power Exchange" Title Contest with Me organizing the whole event PLUS doing My best Shibari show ever, then last weekend in Melbourne AGAIN for another Shibari show at the Halloween club Titty Twister.  (You know they say you should never create a paragraph out of one whole sentence - but I think we can let this slip just this one time? lol)

So, here's some of the things I've been up to; an intense shibari bondage show with the fabulous Miss Bliss, international fetish model and rope bondage bunny! She lives in Melbourne and is a treat to tie - sexy, positive and VERY BENDY!

We did a hot show where I tied her in an upside down suspension from her ankle and thigh (futomomo) then put a rubber breathing hood on her and sat on her face to cut off her breath, then suspended her with a pulley system and started to choke her out while she was upside down! Holey crap - intense much?

Thanks Bliss, you rock lady! Many thanks must also go to Andrew Bott for the fabulous shots of My show at Oz Kink Fest, too!

On another note, just in case some of you are wondering, I have also had My Facebook account suspended. I've had a couple of people ask Me "where I went"! If you do follow Me on Facebook, please know I've not deliberately blocked or barred YOU - it's Me whose been put in the sin bin. :(

This is because I've been using a name other than My real or birth name. I could therefore use the "fake" account to bully or harass others on the Facebook social media platform. There has been a pusch recently by Facebook to iron out fake profiles in order to decrease the amount of cyber bullying, which has inadvertently negatively affected many people who legitimately use a nom de plume instead of their real name.

This is of course, HAUTE BS. I have written to friends at the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in San Francisco to bring the same legal ruing used against Facebook in support of drag queens using a nom de plume, to support My case.

Stay tuned, "Mistress Tokyo" on Facebook is unfortunately not out of the social media woods, yet!

Enjoy the pictures and I'll look forward to seeing you all again soon in cyber space - where ever you CAN find Me!




Shots from My Recent Sessions

Hi A/all!

I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow for 5 days for the Oz Kink Fest extravaganza!

In between sessions, I'm doing a big show on Friday night at Hellfire Resurrection and >FIVE< workshops over the weekend! I'm going to be hella busy! :D

My dates in Melbourne:

In Melbourne Thurs 25th - Mon 29th

Available for Sydney sessions Tues 30th

Please note that, if you contact Me during this time, I may not be able to return your email quickly or get to My phone. I'll do My best to return all your contact soonest over the weekend and on My return to Sydney on Monday night.

So, in the meantime, have a peruse of some shots from My recent sessions to keep your whistle whet... ;)

This slave is in full latex with full sensory deprivation, strapped down to My operating theatre table! I then introduced My electrical catheter, needles, new electrical butt plug and new chrome crown of thorns cockring!

With each needle placed further and further up his cock, I slowly turned up the electricity in the sticky pads. This (of course) made his cock get even harder, also spurred on by the electrical cock ring at the base of his penis. As he got harder and harder, the crown of thorns bit deeper and deeper into his glans, creating an intensity of sensation perfectly balanced on the edge of pleasure and pain! I then used the Hitachi on him, for fabulous results! :D

This next slave had their own head cage to wear! I then suspended them in full rubber and in My suspendable stocks and ballet boots in a position reminiscent of JG's "The Creature"!

Above, ballet boot bondage in full suspension! There's nothing I like more than inescapable boot bondage!

Below is a close up of My new suspendable stocks, hung in opposing tension in this complex suspension position...

Doesn't this next slave look VERY SATISFIED in My sling in full latex, strapped down with My beautiful red leather custom made fishbone harness - then gagged!

This next slave is in rubber heaven in My vacuum body bag and breathing bag hood! :D Lucky boy!

My final slave here is in total enclosure rubber, full rope suspension and is slipping away to a slice of bondage peace gas masked, hanging in the air...

Inspiring, much? 

Enjoy while I'm away - and see you all on My return!




Rubber Party for 7yrs in My Own Studio!

Yeps, it's THAT sort of party...Hi A/all!

I can hardly believe it, but it's been SEVEN YEARS (count 'em) since I set up My private studio in Glebe, Sydney!

Wowsers! I tell you what, if you had told Me that I could - and would - be where I am now back THEN, I would not have believed you in SEVENTY years... :D

For the sake of this fortuitous occasion, I'm releasing some fabulous shots from a recent photo shoot in Perth with Wayne Henry from Warped Photography!

(I'm the one in the purple, you'll know for sure as the last shots on this page are Me with My ubiquitous red shibari bondage rope!)

It's party time!! Come join us?

Wayne had wanted to shoot the 4 AMAZING Pretty Purvey latex outfits all together - the man is after My own heart with a love of excessive fetish excessiveness - so we made time and went to a great semi rural bush location at an old abandoned RAAF bunker, South of Perth...

I really love these shots! I have honestly not done bondage and worn such intense rubber before!

As many of you would have experienced, I take off My heels and disencumber Myself when doing shibari rope as if something goes wrong, I need to be at the ready to respond ASAP!

The fab Rubber Bunny letting Me do My thing to Her...

This tie went off really well though with many thanks due to Rubber Bunny as I know it was VERY intense for Her to take this particular posture!

Want to check out what Wayne's been up to? I do know for sure that he has just released a new gallery just devoted to Me in My 12 inch heels... :D Click on the banner below to go to his fabulous site!

Click on the link to go to the Warped site...

So, it's happy SEVENTH anniversary to Me in My studio! It's still growing in gear and equipment too, so keep following My blog here for shots coming soon of some GREAT NEW GEAR!

As for where I am now, 7 years later? I can TRULY tell you I feel like I'm JUST GETTING WARM!!