I’m a Sydney Dominatrix with My own world-class BDSM studio warehouse.


I’ve over 18 years experience in professional BDSM, with a decade spent as an independent Pro Domme.


I’m also an internationally recognized kink educator and performer.


As seen on ABC TV's "You Can't Ask That..." and "Growing Up Gracefully" and heard on Triple J's "The Hook Up".

Awarded "Best for Fetish and Fantasy" by the Australian Adult Industry Awards


Contact Me by phone on:

Aus: 0420 879 204

OS: +61 420 879 204



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My 1st public Shibari performance - goes off! ;)

Rigging by Mistress Tokyo for Matt Bylett show, Lunamorph 2010

Hi A/all!

Weeks ago the fantastic Matt Bylett from Matt Bylett Designs asked Me to be in his show for the Sydney Fringe Festival's "Lunamorph" at the Enmore Theatre. "Lunamorph" is an annual alternative fetish and gothic fashion show for local Sydney designers - of whom Matt is one.

Check his own latex fetish fashion website here...

Matt Bylett Designs

He asked Me to model his unique latex creations but... to also SUSPEND IN BONDAGE OFF THE STAGE RIGGING A PERSON WEARING ONE OF HIS DESIGNS - an amazing inflatable mermaid costume! Wow!

After thinking about it, I declined the offer to model so I could focus on hanging this amazing mermaid person in the sky! I love suspension bondage - but I know very well the issues of safety and comfort for the submissive - it's paramount!

So, working with the really co-operative riggers at the Enmore Theatre, I was able to suspend My friend Burlesque fetish performer Audrey off the rig really high up - 4m in the air! She was tied in a standing position with arms free but under the mermaid tail were a sequence of ropes at knees and thighs to keep her up and stable...

Rigging by Mistress Tokyo for Matt Bylett show, Lunamorph 2010

I used black 6mm and 7mm hemp for the lines and scarlet 6mm hemp for the body harness. I didn't follow anyone else's pattern; I just made it up after a couple of run throughs, made sure Audrey was comfortable and then just made the whole tie as stable as possible. The most stressful thing was having to tie her legs and the suspension lines behind the stage screen while other performances were going on - in the dark!!! Oh, that and the fact she was so damn high that if anything went wrong it could REALLY go wrong!

Rigging by Mistress Tokyo for Matt Bylett show, Lunamorph 2010I think it looked fantastic! I was really proud as, apart from doing a show with Matt Bylett who is an amazing artist, I did My very first public Shibari performance! I do this sort of tying nearly every day in My sessions but it's different to have to produce an aesthetic and safe tie on demand under really trying circumstances.

There are also painfully few FEMALE Shibari riggers performing around the world. In fact, I can only think of one woman doing this style of show on a regular basis and that is the fantastic Satomi Tokyo Love Doll, from whom I've learnt A LOT of My rope skills. さとみさん、どうもありがとうございました!:)

Suspended... 4m in the air? WOW!

Be shiny and, if you can't be shiny - be ropey!



Shots of My rubber session with Jean Bardot! Shh!

A few months ago I mentioned a special visitor I was expecting at My studio - the wonderful internationally acclaimed fetish model and Mistress, Jean Bardot!


During Her time in Sydney, We had a couple of really lovely dinner dates and hung out a little in between Her appointments - but surely the best fun We had was a great session with a rubber slave we share!


And... I recently had the photos from that very session fall into My hands - here are a couple of them to whet your appetite! ;)






This lucky slave is clad in latex I've personally designed and created in My rubber workshop! He's snug in My heavy rubber straight jacket and inflatable latex bodybag - lucky boy! And with the two of Us attending to him in his "hour of need", what could be sexier?


Yeah okay, I think "more rubber" too! But THAT will have to wait 'til next time for this slave - and until next time I show My lucky followers more shots from My latex sessions!




Be shiny if you can't be good...




New photo sets on My website!

Hi A/all!

I've just put three new photo sets up on My site! Here is a small sample here...


I hope you enjoy them - I had wanted to do a heavy rubber shoot for god knows how long, but simply hadn't made the date with Luke from Soul Focus Studio. We shot these in his new professional studio space in Chippendale - it's a really great venue and gives him the opportunity to showcase his amazing work!

See more of his pictures at solfocusstudio.net - he's always putting up more of his almost constant stream of new fetish images.

Like to see the rest of these shoots? Have a look at My site at http://www.mistresstokyo.com

Best - in rubber!



Back in Sydney - & back at what I do best!

Hi A/all!

I'm back in town and busy already - just how I like it! I touched down Monday morning early from LA and have been occupied since then with rubber, more rubber and just a little bit of bondage too! I'm barely unpacked - but one of the first things I took out of My case was the myriad new toys I've brought back from My travels - and I brought back more than a couple of them! ;) We love new shiny torture devices!

I'm back in town until September when I plan to travel again, so I'm available for an audience in Sydney - with a trip to Melbourne planned in the next couple of weeks, too!

I'm eagerly awaiting the rest of the photos from My most recent shoot with Lucas from Soul Focus Studio. We did three great looks just before I traveled to LA and I can't wait to see the rest of his work! I'll be sure to be in touch here with any new pictures as soon as I have them - you'll all just have to wait a little longer... ;)

He recently updated his site too - and it looks smashing! View his site here - http://www.soulfocusstudio.net/ He's always producing the most amazing work - I've even written a testimonial for his site!

So I'm back at sessions again and very happy to say so...

Every now and then, I have an exceptional meeting of minds with a slave - a truly excellent session where W/we have such a great connection from the start W/we can't help but push each other and end up much further down the road into O/our scene than W/we thought initially possible... 


Here are some pictures from such a session that I enjoyed only recently. I met this little rubber freak for the first time and really hit it off! I used My piss pants extensively in this scene - the first time I've used them other than modelling them at the Sydney Rubber Ball in 2009! (they are the yellowy rubber thing I'm holding in the above photo, seen again in the last photo on this page.)

I find few people into rubber "enough" who want their C&B locked away in this divine pissy little rubber enclosure - but I finally found one up for the challenge!

I can't tell you exactly what W/we got up to but I will tell you that, by the end the scene, this little piss bag was very very full with a number of different substances! ;) What I did next with that liquid you can only guess! LOTS of fun!

I'm sorry to say My slave went home literally a little sore - but W/we were both very happy at the end of the encounter... ;) I'll look forward to seeing him again sooner!

I'll look forward to hearing from all of you for more rubbery times! Until then...

Rubber regards, 



I'm in Chicago at Shibaricon & International Mr Leather! Back in OZ soon!

Hi E/everyone!

I'm in the middle of Chicago right now and headed back to LA for the last leg of My trip in the USA! What a weekend it's been - lovers of rope and leather have flocked like birds of a feather!

After touching down in LA early last week looking forward to My first visit to Shibaricon - the biggest Japanese Rope convention in the world - I learnt that the International Mr Leather convention was on in the same town the same weekend! My time here has most fortuitous time-wise! I went from conference to conference, both learning new skills to expand My bondage knowledge and tasting all that the international leather scene has under one roof!

Shibaricon was great! Three and a half days of rope bondage workshops, performances and chances to play. I had the immense pleasure of meeting many prominent people in the international Rope scene, received the benefit of their experience at workshops and saw them perform! The performances by France's Dr Phil and Germany's Zamil were exceptional and inspirational!

I got to IML on the last day and shopped My 'til My Mastercard could take no more! I have a lot of new toys to bring back for My slaves - we all know I'm a soft touch for shiny new gear - and I did rather lash. I bought a totally amazing (and rather expensive) bit of medical gear that desperately needs a photo shoot as soon as I'm back - you'll just have to wait to see what it is...

Speaking of photo shoots, I was very lucky to squeeze TWO (!!) new photo shoots with Lucas from Soul Focus Studio just before I flew to the US! Three great looks in six hours - we worked through the night! I'll just give you a taste of what we did here...

Mistress Tokyo by Soul Focus Studio

...and of course there'll be more on My return to Sydney!

I'm back in town on Monday 7th of June and available for sessions again at the latest on Wednesday 9th. I'll post again so I know you're all ready to sample My amazing new toys and hear about My trip!

Until I'm back in town,


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