I’m a Sydney Dominatrix with My own world-class BDSM studio warehouse.


I’ve over 18 years experience in professional BDSM, with a decade spent as an independent Pro Domme.


I’m also an internationally recognized kink educator and performer.


As seen on ABC TV's "You Can't Ask That..." and "Growing Up Gracefully" and heard on Triple J's "The Hook Up".

Awarded "Best for Fetish and Fantasy" by the Australian Adult Industry Awards


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Bootlovers #73 is out! Check My custom patent leather boots!

Hi A/all!

It's that time again and DJ and Boot Lady Teri have put out yet another issue of Bootlovers.com!

And... I'm featured yet again in a set by Wayne Henry from Warped Photography! This time I'm wearing a pair of My favourite thigh high, black patent leather, custom made 9" heel Little Shoe Box boots! Christmas is early for My boot slaves!! lol ;)

Image by Wayne Henry at Warped Photography

Click here to go thru to Bootlovers.com!I shot this set with Wayne at Waped when I was in Perth a few months ago! We shot south of Perth Central in Kwinana; home to a number of heavy industry plants. Wayne really wanted to shoot them as they'd could be really amazing for ambient light, paired with My black latex - so we organized a night meet and found some great locations!

Image by Wayne Henry at Warped Photography

Be sure to check out Warped Photography's recent work! Wayne is a prolific artist and shoots nearly only fetish! He as also recently published his first book - go see what he's been up to in the last few months since I wrote about him here!

Click here to go thru to Wayne's site!

Image by Wayne Henry at Warped Photography

We also went down by the beach and shot Me on some public art - see the first image on this post - and also on the jetty! The looks on the faces of the passers by and people night fishing was quite something! ;)

I sooo love wearing fetish gear in public - particularly full coverage, gas masks and extreme heels! Enjoy the eye candy - Christmas has come early in 2011!

In boots, always...!



Bootlovers.com #72 is online today!

Mistress Tokyo by Bootlovers.com #72

Yours truly in the fantastic Berger Boots and the rest of the new Bootlovers.com #72 is online tonight AEST!

Check out Bootlovers.com #72 here...

In My most recent posting I covered a little of what we could expect from the next edition of Bootlovers.com - and the new edition is just up right now even earlier than I expected!

Still curious about My shots? I'll eventually be putting some on My website proper, but until then - I'll let you have just one more of Me in these legendary boots. The rest I'll have to leave up to your imagination!


Mistress Tokyo by Bootlovers.com #72

Enjoy the tease... I'm sorry - but you all know very well I can't help Myself! ;)

Best, again in boots!



I'm in Berger Boots in the next Bootlovers #72!!

Talking of photographs and on the eve of the newest edition of Bootlovers.com…

 Mistress Tokyo by Bootlovers.com

I also made time when I was in LA to do something very special, by request from Boot Lady Teri in NY Herself… A photo set for the next Bootlovers.com #72 in the boots that started it all - the one of a kind, thigh high, lace up "Berger" boots! Drool on boot fetishists!!

As you can read for the Lady's blog at Bootedup.com, these unique boots by Herr Berger of Germany are legendary! They must date to late 1960 to early 1970 - which may not sound old but is true vintage in boot years. Herr Berger's boots are currently very collectible and very rare so it's practically on honour to be in the same room as these!

Click through here on the link below to read the original blog posting on Teri's blog, Booted Up...

Posting on the Berger boots by Boot Lady Teri 

They are the original vintage design that Teri had copied by the Little Shoe Box. LSB then went on to appropriate this style as their own design - the cheats! Then, due to LSB closing, this spawned their current collectibility in the vintage boot market!

We had talked about the possibility of My modelling them for ages! When I first put them on, I was amazed at their quality, craftsmanship and excellent fit! They could almost be made for Me! Teri released a teaser for the next edition last week and a little also on the story of this pair - how they were first modelled in the 1990's in DJ's magazine "Boot Lovers Digest", then modelled by Teri Herself - what a legacy…

Mistress Tokyo by Bootlovers.com

And now, in the next edition - I'm wearing them Myself, modelling them for the first time in 20 years! I'll be sure to keep you all posted when Bootlovers #72 finally comes out and maybe even release some more pictures! Stay tuned!!

Enjoy the shots from the next Bootlovers.com and I'll look forward to seeing you all again very soon!



I'm in Bootlovers.com No #71 wearing My 9" Heel Black Thigh Boots!

Bootlovers.com Issue #71

I'm back featured in Bootlovers.com again!

Issue number 71# just came online last week and I'm in full coverage black leather with a favourite pair of 9" heeled 4" platform thigh high black leather boots by The Little Shoe Box! If there are still people out there who think I'm strictly a latex Mistress, you obviously haven't seen My wardrobe in it's entirety! :D

Those of you who follow My blog here know that last time I went to Perth in January I shot a couple of great sets with the fantastic Wayne Henry from Warped Photography! I told you a couple of posts ago that I might be able to show you a couple more shots - so here they are! Have a tease of what's in store in the new edition of Bootlovers.com!

Mistress Tokyo shot by Warped PhotographyThere's only a precious number of shots this time so I know you'll enjoy every one of them! I was able to indulge one of My favourite pastimes in this shoot too - wearing a full hood in public! This leather hood was made by friends of Mine George and Anna at Northbound Leather in Toronto. Many thanks go to them for their excellent custom work and beautiful leather!

Mistress Tokyo shot by Warped PhotographyI simply couldn't believe how amazing this blue toned lighting was - Wayne did a fantastic job with only ambient light and a flash pack! Wow! I just love seeing black leather turn this amazing colour - it looks like armour! How then it changed again with a flick of a light to a warm butter colour against the old sandy walls of the GPO in Perth City's Forrest Chase…

Mistress Tokyo shot by Warped Photography

This is not the only set we shot so keep your eyes peeled because we might just release some more in the not too distant future!

Wayne Henry from Warped PhotographyIf you want to see what Wayne from Warped Photography in Perth has been up to recently, check his site on the link above...

Back again, in fabulous boots and luxurious black leather! ;)



Featured on Deep, Down & Kinky blog - again! :)

It seems I am becoming popular with the lovely gent who runs this blog in the UK! ;)

Craig runs Deep Down & Kinky, a UK based fetish blog - see My posting previous when I've been featured before on this renowned website! His blog is a great free source of "hand picked" high quality images posted daily of who's shiny in the fetish world! He features prominent fetish models such as Susan Wayland and Dita Von Teese - as well as work by prominent world class fetish photographers!

Click thru on the picture below to go to his blog where the image of Me is posted...

Mistress Tokyo on Deep, Down & Kinky UK

Here I am once more in all of My latex finery sporting a new pair of Little Shoe Box thigh high patent leather boots with a 9" stiletto heel and 4" platform! These shots were taken by Wayne from Warped Photography in Perth on My most recent trip there!

For those curious about what drew Craig to post Me again - here's the original image in stereo for you to enjoy!

Mistress Tokyo by Wayne Henry from Warped Photography

The set of images around this public art work was like some of the best shots that have been taken of Me - totally spontaneous, unique and utterly fun! We were walking along the foreshore of a beach local to Waikiki and Wayne and I saw this art. I thought it'd be fun to pose with it and use the dynamic shape in concert with My shiny self! What a great result!

Hint; want to see more of these? Stick around for the next edition of Bootlovers.com and you might just get a treat! ;)

Want to see what Wayne has been up to recently? Check the link below and see the work of this unique and prolific fetish photography artist!

Wayne Henry at Warped Photography

See you all again sooner - around the web in My fetish boots!