I’m a Sydney Dominatrix with My own world-class BDSM studio warehouse.


I’ve over 18 years experience in professional BDSM, with a decade spent as an independent Pro Domme.


I’m also an internationally recognized kink educator and performer.


As seen on ABC TV's "You Can't Ask That..." and "Growing Up Gracefully" and heard on Triple J's "The Hook Up".

Awarded "Best for Fetish and Fantasy" by the Australian Adult Industry Awards


Contact Me by phone on:

Aus: 0420 879 204

OS: +61 420 879 204



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Touring Melb Sept 19-25

Hi A/all,

I'm touring Melbourne Victoria for the first time in 2yrs!

I'll be in town for this year's Oz Kink Fest to do a show with Paloma Negra for the big Friday night party and hold all My most popular BDSM workshops.

This time though, I'll be taking on sessions, too!

Last year I was in Amsterdam for Europerve around this period, so in 2017 I'm looking forward to reaquainting with My favourite Melbourne slaves!


My availability in Melbourne:

From Tues 19th to Mon 25th

Sessions at Collingwood Confidential

Call Me on 0420 879 204 or

Email Me on themistress@mistresstokyo.com

Same day bookings possible - but highly unlikely!

At this stage I still have time on Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday and Thursday - with restricted time only on Friday day.  

I've already taken bookings, so if you wish to meet, be in touch ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Best, all around Australia!



A DECADE as an Independant Dominatrix! 

One of My seminal hero images by Lucas Messerer from Soul Focus StudioHi A/all,

March 3 2007 was the fateful day I emailed Amanda Dwyer at Salon Kittys to announce My leaving to focus on making latex clothing under My now historical label, Gomu Latex.

3 weeks later, I conducted My first session as an independant Domme, hiring space from Mistress Servalan at Her old studio in Ashfield. (holla at Me if you remember?)

I read My horoscope on Sept 15 2007 after taking on the lease at what was to become My first BDSM studio in Glebe. It claimed that "today was the first day of the rest day of My life". Touche.

It was also My 29th birthday - but the terrible horoscopical cliche ran true; it was indeed the time of the start of My coming of age both as a Pro and a Domme, as future world-recognized brand, international kink educator, rope bondage performer, latex maker.

I had very little cash and very few clients. I saved everything I made and put it back into My business - which I'm still doing! I just figured that if I worked hard, delivered as best I could 24/7, and was consistent, I'd be on a winner.

One of our best images ever, with Soul Focus Studio

Meeting Luke from Soul Focus Studio was one of the greatest points on the map of My career. We have created such amazing fetish imagery together and just enjoyed such wonderful times, as friends, co-creatives and kinksters. Thanks mate. You are now a legend in the world wide sense, as you so rightly deserve. I still remember that morning I got an email to say we were FINALLY in Heavy Rubber mag...

I started to travel to LA and became a model for Bootlovers.com. I also started to write for Tony Mitchell's "The Fetishistas" blog, and covered Australian kink topics for over 4 years.

After I got up some speed as a Pro Domme, I was then asked to educate. I ran workshops in Melbourne and Sydney for different entities and became known for My watershed "Sensory Deprivation Bondage" and Aikido inspired "Takedown Bondage" workshops. I gave up My Sundays and week nights to Uber to teach people how to have better, safer, sexier play lives.

I was awarded Sydney Ms Leather in 2012 and then My confidence in contributing to My community really had ballast. Under the auspice of SLPA and The Oxford Hotel, I competed in San Francisco for the International Title.

I then came home to run Rope Flow, a rope group raising funds for Twenty 10. I then co-convened the Sydney Fetish League, presenting the titles of Sydney Mr and Ms Fetish. 

I started to present at events in Florida and hold workshops down the East Coast, including NYC. My style was desired, so I was flown by community entities in those cities to present and perform - a very great privilege. With Beyond Leather in Florida I hosted the Australian Power Exchange contest. 

These days of working in this community paradigm are pretty much over for Me, and I'd rather focus on My own events with My new space as a different way to contribute to My community.

I outgrew My studio in Glebe and 18 months ago I graduated to a new benchmark. I'm now building a bigger better and more fabulous studio in Leichhardt, incorporating a workshop area called PEAK Space for the afore mentioned community events. I've graduated My "space holding" skills from one-on-one sessions, to multi-person events.

I'm still here, still learning, still hungry and still creative. Game on.

What a ride.

TEN YEARS of hard consistent work as one of Australia's best independants

TWO BDSM dungeons later

Los Angeles. Tokyo. Osaka. Florida. New York. London. Amsterdam. Lyon. Thanks for the perspective. 

Piles of rubber, all the gear a Domme could want and a HUGE collection of the best fetish boots in the world.

And now, breaking new boundaries of a different kind on the cover of Penthouse...

See you in another decade!

Best, ever!



And so I land on the cover of Australian Penthouse, thanks to Roberto Duran


Back at the reins for sessions again in Sydney!

Image of Myself & Rubber Bunny by Warped PhotographyHi A/all,

I'm back as of today Friday 16th Jan and available for sessions in Sydney!

I've enjoyed a great holiday in India over the last 2.5 weeks, just chilling out and resting up. I'm feeling ready to get back to it once more in 2015! :D

I hope Y/you all had some time off - or are still on holiday even - and have returned refreshed for the new year!

Although I'm back in Sydney, I've travel planned already for next week - to Melbourne! I'll be in Victoria from Wednesday 21st to Saturday 24th, so be in touch to meet Me this weekend or early next week to reacquaint!

Regrettably, I'm not in Melbourne for sessions this time as I'm attending a 3 day long seminar. I'll have little time for anything else so My apologies already to My Melbourne slaves!

If you can't see Me now I'm back in Sydney for sessions from the 26th Jan, the following Monday.

I'll look forward to seeing you all again for your first session again in the new year...

My very best to A/all for prosperity and creativity in 2015!



I'm ready to hit it again in 2015!!


Holidays Sat 27 Dec - Fri 16 Jan '15

Rubber Bunny and I doin' dat werq!

Hi A/all!

It's that time of year again! Can you believe it? It does feel like this year has gone so quickly...

As promised, enjoy a little Xmas present from Me - these beautiful images from Wayne Henry at Warped Photography!

LIghting, lighting, lighting...

As you all know, I was in Perth in early Dec and I always make time to see Wayne to shoot...

We really pushed it this time! If hell has "weather", it was one of those rare days where the darn place is frozen over AND as windy.

Sand was blowing in our eyes, mouth, makeup and I was shaking uncontrollably due to the intense cold - yet Rubber Bunny and I were *somehow* able to rise to the challenge and look incredibly rubbery, shiny and elegant amidst the fray...

Rubber Bunny and I in that "fray"...

I always go look at Wayne's site every now and then to check what else he's been up to! Click through the banner below to go to his site to catch up on his latest shoots...

Click here to go to the Warped site...Wayne has just got his work onto the cover of BDSM International! (There ARE a few different cover shots of Me, as well as other notable Aussie fetish models!)

Check out the cover of the e-mag below, resplendant with an image from one of our previous shoots!

Click thru to see the rest of the covers...

As expected, I'm also announcing now...

My holiday availability for the New Year

I always take time off and this year will be no exception. It's time for rest, relaxation and a lot of doing nothing. (And as you'd understand, that, for Me, is quite the challenge!:D)

I'll take 2.5 weeks off through Jan - it's been ages since I've done quality holiday time!


My dates for New Year 2014/15:

Available to Fri 26th Dec inc.

On holiday Sat 27th Dec - Thurs 15th Jan

Available for sessions Fri 16th 10am

Darn wind... :)

As many of you know, I don't answer My phone or check My mail during this time.

My blog here will stop, as well as My Twitter feed, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook - everywhere!

I maintain that total radio silence is best for Me to come back in the New Year to hit the ground RUNN-ING.

Do email Me or send a text message, but know any messages will only be returned when I'm back on the 16th, not before. Are you missing Me yet? :*

I wish all My slaves, whether near or far, the very best of the season - however you celebrate it - and know I'll look forward to seeing you all at My beautiful boots again next year!

Best, and already excited about 2015!



More from My new Soul Focus Studio Shoot!

Hi A/all!

Just on the eve of XXXmas - as promised - enjoy these further pictures from My most recent shoot with Lucas Konrad Messerer from Soul Focus Studio...

I do so love wearing hoods and gask masks - can you tell?!

you can see images of the gas mask we shot in this set in an earlier blog post, but here are some MORE delicious shots of Me "just" in TWO hoods, TIGHT neck corset AND vintage German gas-proof goggles!

I'm also wearing a new Demask corset that I've not had shot before? Do you like it?

I'm (of course) wearing a GREAT pair of vintage Little Shoe Box thigh high black patent leather 9" stiletto heel boots over My TWO CATSUITS! 

It was an especially hot and humid Sydney day and there's a bit of a story with Me wearing TWO CATSUITS.

It was super intense! I can't believe how much I was sweating!! :P

If you missed the rest of this set, don't hesitate to flick down one blog post and see them!

Want to see more of Luke's fabulous work? Check his site here - he regularly shoots with international Dominas and fetish personalities alike, as well as werqing the world fetish party circuit. GO LUKE!!

Click on the banner to go to Soul Focus Studio's site...

The next time I blog here I'll be doing My final post for the year, later this week.

I'll announce My holiday dates and ALSO release images from another recent shoot with Wayne Henry from Warped Photography in Perth.

you are certainly lucky slaves this week! It's beginning to look A LOT like XXXmas! :D

Stay tuned for more - at the end of this week...