I’m a Sydney Dominatrix with My own world-class BDSM studio warehouse.


I’ve over 18 years experience in professional BDSM, with a decade spent as an independent Pro Domme.


I’m also an internationally recognized kink educator and performer.


As seen on ABC TV's "You Can't Ask That..." and "Growing Up Gracefully" and heard on Triple J's "The Hook Up".

Awarded "Best for Fetish and Fantasy" by the Australian Adult Industry Awards


Contact Me by phone on:

Aus: 0420 879 204

OS: +61 420 879 204



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Australian Power Exchange Title, Oct 19th

Hi E/everyone,

Even if you've been living under a rock, you'd still have noticed I've been *exceptionally* busy in the last 2 months!

I've done 2 different BDSM conferences in 2 different cities; photo shoots with that photographer then flying into here to do another show... Crazy busy - and loving' it! :D

But certainly, one of the most important things I've done in the way of community work is to bring the International Power Exchange Title to Australia.

In the last few years, we - particularly Melbourne and Sydney - have seen a growth in Leather Title events. This is where prominent scene people are recognized and celebrated by their local BDSM community at events convened to forge greater cohesion and inspire us to strive together. My first experience of this was My title "Sydney Ms Leather 2012", awarded to Me by Sydney Leather Pride Assoc.

When I held workshops and performed at Beyond Leather in Florida in May, they asked Me to be the Australian Producer of their title.

The inaugural Australian Power Exchange Title seeks to

"Celebrate the relationship that makes you feel powerful!"

We sought couples in all sorts of power exchange relationships to show us what they were made of!

Winners received a travel fund to fly to the States to the International Power Exchange Title at Beyond Leather, April 2015.

Winners of the Australian PE Title! Photography by Chuck Roberts

Therefore, I am VERY proud to announce the winners of the inaugural Australian Power Exchange Title contest in 2014...


They will join Me next year in Florida to compete in the International contest and to forger stronger community ties between Australia and the USA!

Our Judges! Image by Anne-Marie Calihanna for the Sydney Star Observer

Myself and Angie Demaskau, one of My MCs. Image by Anne-Marie Calihanna for the Sydney Star Observer

It was a huge undertaking to organize the whole event by Myself but I'm very glad to have done it as I'm always looking for new ways to contribute to our wider community. :)

I'm also immensely grateful to My sponsors in Sydney and Melbourne without whom I literally couldn't have run the event. My major sponsors were Sax Fetish, Max Black and Eagle Leather - THANKYOU so much for your support! Of course, a huge thank you needs to go out to all the people on the ground who helped make it such a fabulous night, too.

I am happy to say that I'll enjoy a short break before I dip My toe into My next enterprise for the benefit of our community - at least until the start of next year!

Most certainly, I'll be posting here about the International Power Exchange Title at Beyond Leather in Florida, when I take My winners there in March/April next year!



PS. STAY TUNED for shots and footage of My fabulous shibari rope bondage show from the Australian Power Exchange Title, coming up very soon!


Workshops, Shibari Demos at Sexpo, Aug 1-3

Click on the banner above to check the Sexpo site!

Hi E/everyone,

I've been asked by Sexpo this year to provide BDSM demonstrations and workshops for their bumper weekend event!

This year Sexpo is on August 1 - 3, Friday to Sunday, at Fox Studios.

If you've not been to one of these events before, it's massive. Imagine stall after stall of sex toys and erotic clothing, porn stars signing autographs and strippers doing shows...

It's about as vanilla as you can get - until I walk in! :D :D :D

If you are at Sexpo and want to drop by the BDSM area, I'll be there 6pm - 10pm Fri and Sat, then from noon - 8pm on the Sun.

I'll be bringing My own equipment to facilitate My demonstrations; a suspension bondage drop point to do shibari bondage and a horse for flogging and spanking.

Here is the program of what I'm offering...

Got rope?

Sexpo BDSM Demo and Workshop program:

Friday: Demos 6pm to 10pm
Workshop 8pm: BDSM 101 - Q&A
Saturday: Demos 6pm to 10pm
Workshop 8pm: BDSM 101 - Q&A
Sunday: Demos 12pm to 8pm
Workshop 2pm: BDSM 101 - Q&A
Workshop 4pm: Rope Bondage Basics
Workshop 6pm: Spanking and Flogging Basics

When I lived in Melbourne, I modeled for "Marquis de Sade Corsetry", performing in fetish fashion shows at Sexpo for fun. Now as a presenter, I'll look forward to what I can share with Sexpo on an intellectually "stimulating" level. (And let's just say I'm going to blow away any misconceptions about "50 shades of Gray" being anything to do with genuine BDSM...)

Here I am on the "Attractions" page of the Sexpo site - right next to the "Queens of the Outback" drag act! (At last - FAME!! :D)

Click thru to see Me on the Sexpo site...

I'll most certainly be in the minority as a kinkster, but I'm sure that will just draw a lot of attention. Rest assured dear reader, I'll be able to handle that... ;) 

It's going to be huge! I'm looking forward to bringing a high quality of BDSM education to the Sexpo community - as well as some beautiful bondage and intense impact play scenes!




'Heavy Sens Dep' workshop for Uber, Thurs 5th

Click on the shot to book!Hi again A/all!

I've been asked to hold My very popular, infamous "Heavy Sensory Deprivation" workshop for Uber yet again!

It's on this Thursday June 5th, 7pm - tickets are $20.

I premiered this workshop at Uber's first 'The Gathering' weekend event a couple of years ago to a massive success! I then went on to hold it again at 'Beyond Leather' in Florida last month - to a standing ovation! :D

I'll be taking attendees through the basics of heavy sensory deprivation play, with a focus on leather and latex and derivations into bondage! I'll cover all aspects of this scene, from safety through to the more subtle psychological properties of this play.

It's on tomorrow night from 7pm for 2hrs at their Camperdown premises. Tickets cost $20 with tea and coffee provided, too!

Numbers are always limited for My workshops, so registration through the Uber Services site is mandatory. The exact address is provided only with registration, so jump onto the link above or browse the site below via the banner for more details!




Wrap up: Sydney Mr & Ms Leather 2014 title!

The new Sydney Mr and Ms Leather 2014!Hi A/all!

As one of My last posts here before I go on holiday, I'd like to congratulate our fabulous winners Lydia Joie Divine and Master Domenic as our community's new SLPA "Mr and Ms Leather" title holders for 2014!

The Sydney Leather Pride Association event was held at Gingers at The Oxford Hotel last month. Apart from being great fun and a total success, it was also My chance to thank our community for having Me as their outgoing Sydney Ms Leather title holder for 2012.

Events and competitions of this nature are so important to champion our members, celebrate our diversity and to strengthen our community spirit!

Handing over the title!

My title was an amazing catalyst to take the opportunity to serve My community. Initially, I went to San Francisco to compete at "International Ms Leather 2012" and was the first international competitor in the then 26 year history of the competition!

I returned to found the "Sydney Fetish League" with Angie Demaskau and Dick Savvy and convene the new title of Sydney Mr and Ms Fetish in 2013. Angie and I also supported Dick to raise donations for ACON in his two fabulous "Slave Auctions" of '12 and '13. I also used My title as a platform to start a rope group, "Rope Flow", to sponsor rope bondage in the Sydney GLBTIQ scene.

I officially take My hat off to Mr Dick Savvy as My "Sydney Mr Leather 2012". He's an amazing inspiration and will continue to be for years to come! We're both people who maintain that just because we've had our time as title holders, it doesn't mean we've excused ourselves from our duty to our community.

Well done to Lydia and Dominic and I'll look forward to seeing your actions as our new community representatives!

Once again, congratulations!



IMsL & the aftermath of a tough contest!

Making My speech on Sat night at IMsLHi E/everyone!

After a tough contest over 4 days in San Francisco from 29th March to 1st April 2012, I'm very proud to say I blazed a trail as IMsL's FIRST EVER international contestant in the 26 year history of the competition and the FIRST EVER competitor from Sydney, Australia!

I've not posted on this since the event took place as I've still been processing the effects of such a major event in the International Leather community calendar - but here tis, how I went in SF over the **intense** weekend contest!

I'm immensely honoured to have taken My place in history amongst the other great women who've competed through the years, but even more so because of My role as the first non-US contestant. My favourite moment was standing on stage for the first time at the competition as "Sydney Ms Leather 2012", representing our great town and vibrant GLBTIQ community!

All the contestants at Mr S at our 1st public presentation

My speech on the crucial Saturday night of the contest turned on this fulcrum of Myself as prospective title holder. "I am the "I" in IMsL! I am what makes this competition international!" Other aspects of the contest were a 30min interview that composed 40% of My "mark", "Heart and Soul" - My general behaviour at the contest, a 4min stage show where I did a hot scene doing some Hojojutsu-inspired shibari and a "Pop Question", also on stage in front of the IMsL audience.

A shot from My show with Alix Iron

The judging was hard and focussed on My worth as a community bearer. I was proud to hold a high standard of community spirit amongst My fellow US-based competitors and bring a little bit of Sydney to the IMsL community. 

Thanks must go to My sponsors for providing for Me to compete in this stellar contest! I'd like to personally thanks Sydney Leather Pride Association, Dykes on Bikes, The Oxford Hotel, Eagle Leather and Punkature for supporting Me as their Australian competitor!

Just after My crucial interview on Friday

I'd also dearly like to thank My handler/manager for the event, the totally transfabulous Alix Iron. Alix tirelessly assisted Me above and beyond the call of duty on an unprecedented level with everything from errands to immoral support. Alix, you were a diamond in the very rough and I thank you from the bottom of My heart for your love and care through a very challenging time!

Respect to all!